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USA Tour Guide: Nashville

Manchester City will take on Tottenham in Nashville, Tennessee on July 29 as part of the International Champions Cup – here’s all you need to know about the venue, the city and anything else that might be of interest…

Date and venue

July 29, Nissan Stadium, Nashville

Where is the Nissan Stadium?

It’s located in Nashville, Tennessee, the city itself was named after Francis Nash, the American Revolutionary War hero, and is the capital of the state.

The stadium is located on the east bank of the Cumberland River and is directly across from downtown Nashville.

What’s the stadium like?

The Nissan Stadium has a capacity just shy of 70,000 and, like the Coliseum in LA, is an open-air venue. It has three tiers in total.

Who plays there?

Since opening in 1999, the Nissan Stadium has hosted two American football teams – the Tennessee Titans and the Tennessee State Tigers.

The Titans are a National Football League (NFL) side who moved to Tennessee in 1997 from Houston before settling at the stadium since it’s foundation.

The State Tigers are a college football team in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), representing the Tennessee State University.

The stadium also hosts the Music City Bowl, a post-season college game, as well as hosting the US men’s and women’s football sides from 2004 onwards.

What transport links are there?

The city is served by Nashville International Airport (BNA), which can be reached on a connecting flight from New York.

Once there, the Music City Star railway system would be a good way of getting to the stadium as the Riverfront stop is within a 20-minute walk.

Make sure you visit these attractions…

With the city known for being the heart of the country music industry, hence the nickname ‘Music City’, there are plenty of things to get involved in…

1: Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum - The world’s largest popular music museum offers many exhibits featuring the legends of country music as well as today’s hottest acts.

2: The Parthenon - Based in Centennial Park, Nashville’s Parthenon is the world’s only full-scale reproduction of the ancient Parthenon in Athens, Greece. It houses an art gallery and a museum, as well as the sculpture of Athena Parthenos, the tallest indoor sculpture in the Western world.

3: RCA Studio B - Visit the historic recording studio in which Elvis Presley recorded more than 200 of his songs. Others to use this famous recording studio include Dolly Parton and Roy Orbison. Tours for this depart daily from the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Anyone famous from there?

One of the most notable celebrities to be born in Nashville in recent times is Miley Cyrus, daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

In the sporting world, the New England Patriots’ Head Coach Bill Belichick, who recently won his fifth Super Bowl, hails from Nashville while former wrestler Jeff Jarrett was also born there.

Does the Club have any links with Nashville?

While the Club has no direct links with Nashville, the city of Manchester, Tennessee is named after our famous city and is around 70 miles from Nashville.

Did you know?

The AT&T Tower downtown is nicknamed the ‘Batman Building’ due to its resemblance to Batman’s mask.

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Nashville Tourism

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