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فيديو 1 معرض الصور

Ederson analysis, plus Pep talk

Top of the morning to you and welcome to Friday's Media Watch, where there's plenty of City coverage to be had thanks to Thursday's announcement that goalkeeper Ederson will join the Club on July 1.

Boss Pep Guardiola has also given an interview to a Catalan radio station that has been widely picked up. It's Lionel Messi - but not transfer talk - related!

So let's get to it (and we promise there's not an election swing-o-meter in sight...)

First to Guardian writer Paul MacInnes, who has hovered his journalistic microscope over Ederson's keeping style.

He reports: "Ederson made sure he left Benfica for Manchester City with a bang. In the goalkeeper’s penultimate league match for the Portuguese champions, not only did he keep his 17th clean sheet of the season, he also got an assist.

"A goal-kick from the 23-year-old led to Benfica’s second goal in a 5-0 thumping of Vitória Guimarães. It was a kick that found the forward Raúl Jiménez on the edge of the Vitória penalty area, the Mexican controlling it with his feet before turning it into the goal with his head.

"But not only was Ederson’s kick enormous, it was clever. It took advantage of the fact that his forward, dallying so far upfield, could not be found offside from a keeper’s dead ball. It’s a little-known rule but understandable; after all, who’s going to kick it that far anyway?"

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Over to Goal.com now and they've picked up on the keeper's first comments after his unveiling.

Jamie Smith writes: "Ederson won the double with Benfica in Portugal before confirming his switch to City and the shot-stopper is expecting to compete for more silverware in the Premier League.

"'I have always watched [the Premier League] on TV,' Ederson said after signing a six-year deal. 'My impression is that it is a very intense game, box-to-box. The grounds are always full and the stadiums are nice.

"'This is very captivating football. The competition here would motivate any player. I'm ready, I'm always ready. Here the matches are amazing, no matter who the opponent is, the games are always very close.

"'Most of the games are decided by a small margin. That shows the intensity and the competitiveness of the English league. Everyone knows here the competition is ferocious. It's a bit different than the Portuguese league. But I'm going to try to adapt to this league as quick as possible.

"As for my ambitions with City, I want to win the Premier League and the Champions League. Those are my two main goals in this shirt."

Sounds good to us!

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Over to manager Pep Guardiola now, whose comments on a Catalan radio station - including high praise for City's CFA's training facilities - have been picked up by a number of news outlets in the UK.

There's an interesting line in it on Barcelona great Messi, from a purely sporting appreciation perspective.

The Daily Mail report"'He is one of the most privileged, gifted athletes of all time,' Guardiola told Catalunya Radio.

"'I would like to enter his brain and find out how he can withstand the pressure like he has, with both Barcelona and Argentina on his back.'"

That's your lot for today, we'll be back same time, same place tomorrow!

أخبار الفريق الأول

عشر حقائق عن ايدرسون مورايس

ايدرسون سينضم رسميا في يوم 1 يوليو

عشرة حقائق وأشياء هامة تحتاج أن تعرفها عن ايدرسون مورايس الذي سينضم إلى مانشستر سيتي قادما ًمن بنفيكا بداية من شهر يوليو المقبل.

كل ما تحتاج لمعرفته عن الحارس البرازيلي.

ايدرسون لديه خمسة ألقاب مع الأندية التي لعب لها ويريد تحقيق المزيد مع السيتي

حارس المرمى البرازيلي ايدرسون يتطلع لبداية مشواره مع فريق مانشستر سيتي بداية من الموسم المقبل.

الحارس البالغ 22 عاماً سيصبح لاعباً في صفوف مانشستر سيتي بداية من شهر يوليو المقبل بعد الاتفاق على تفاصيل التعاقد مع مانشستر سيتي ليكون مع رجال جوارديولا في فترة الإعداد الصيفية.

أخبار الفريق الأول

ايدرسون ينضم لمانشستر سيتي

ايدرسون سينضم رسميا للسيتي يوم 1 يوليو

يسر نادي مانشستر سيتي أن يعلن عن التعاقد مع ايدرسون قادما من بنفيكا، على أن يبدأ التعاقد من 1 يوليو.

حارس المرمى البرازيلي سيصل هذا الصيف بعدما أثار أدائه الإعجاب مع الفريق البرتغالي في بطولة دوري أبطال أوروبا في موسم 2016/2017.